Privacy & Security


JABOTTER’s Online Store, requests some personal data (full name, age, interests, e-address, etc.) in order to give a better service to its customers. The data collected on the servers of JABOTTER Online Store are only used for periodic campaigns, building special promotion actions due to customer profiles and customer classiffication studies for not delivering the unwanted e-mails within JABOTTER Online Store. JABOTTER Online Store, does not share, commercially use for any reasons unrelated to business and sell the data collected from the membeship forms with 3rd parties without the customer’s notice and/or explicit consent and/or request.

Customers’s data can be declared when Privacy & Securityrequested by official authorities and it is an obligation to declare to official authorities as per the mandatory legislation provisions in operation.



The data provided by a customer on the system can only be reached and edited by the customer himself. It is impossible for another person to reach and change this data. The credit card information requested on the payment page is never stored or retained on the servers of JABOTTER Online Store or the companies giving JABOTTER service in order to provide maximum security to JABOTTER’s precious customers’ who shop on the website. Thus, JABOTTER Online Store provides to keep any financial transaction between the bank and your device through an interface.


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