The preparation period of the products ordered from the J'abotter Shoes online sales page is 2-3 working days. 

The period can be extended depending on the stock situation.  

For orders placed after 9 a.m., the first day of preparation is the next day after the order is placed. 

Long-distance orders throughout Turkey vary depending on the frequency of the cargo company's visits to the region.


You can follow up your ordered cargo by entering the order number from the order tracking category on our homepage.


Your product/products are sent from J'abotter Shoes stores with domestic cargo invoice and return/exchange form.

Return and Exchange:

You can send the product with a refund or change request within 15 days of receipt.

You can change purchases made from the Outlet/discount category, but the shipping fee belongs to the user.

- There is no refund on payments at the door, only exchange. 

- There is no return or change in special orders. On a personal basis are performed.

If you want to change the number or color of the product, you can change the unused product within 15 days by sending it to J'abotter Shoes stores or online Shop via domestic shipping.

In your return and change requests, you must complete the return/change form sent to you with the product in full.

No return/change can be made about your products, which are not billed, used and sent in different boxes.

Return and change the cargo fee for the products belongs to the customer.

You can call +90 888 00 12 with information and send your return and change request for your product error orders with Mng cargo or domestic cargo as counter-pay. Your buyer-paid cargoes will not be accepted by different cargo companies.


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