Can we shopping without being a member?

  • *Yes. You don't have to be a member to shop on our website. It's possible to shop without being a member.



What is the best way to reach out to products?

  • * You can search it on our website searching section, only you have to do is write the name of product which one is you like is enough to search button. This way you can reach out to product which you like. 




  • I ordered my shoes, What should I do now?

    * In our orders is taken by Western Union, Credit Card and Debit Cards on our system.
    1) If you have ordered with by Western Union, you have to send your receipt to our +908508880012 whatsapp number.
    2) If you have ordered with your credit card, you don't have to do anything. The system is going to send a e-mail to your mail address about your product.




  • What are the delivery ways?

    * ;All products which you have ordered will be delivery to DHL Cargo in 3 days. You can have the products in 5 days.




  • Do I have to give my credit card informations to shop on your website?

    * In our orders is taken by Western Union, Credit Card and Debit Cards on our system.
    We are giving %100 safety shopping system with 128bit Secure Socket Layer system.Nobody can reach and see your payment informations. When you have order with your credit card, system is locking your card numbers and then send to the bank. It's impossible to view and reach your card informations by third part.




  • Is there a return of my product?

    * There is no return of natinal shopping on our system. Only you can exchange your product on our shop center in Istanbul in 1 year




  • What should you pay attention to when receiving your order?

    * We don't send products without invoice. If your product will come to you without invoice, please don't accept it.

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