Jabotter, one of the first stiletto manufacturers in Turkey, is a luxury women's brand that features glamorous and powerful women with stylish designs, high heels, and low-cut cuts.

In 2012,  Jabotter was founded in Teşvikiye by Eyüp Ali Karakaş.

The first Jabotter store debuted in Teşvikiye, Istanbul, and captured customers' attention right away. 

During the same year, Jabotter.com launched a service on an online platform that provides fashion quality in retail sales.

Jabotter has been offering customers the best quality and service since 2018 with its second store on Teşvikiye Street.

Jabotter creates and produces with feminine aesthetic for a customer who is passionate about the comfort of high heels.

With the desire of Eyüp Ali Karakaş and Deniz Karakaş, the Founder and the Co-founder continue to promote the company in the direction of becoming a global luxury brand.

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