Jabotter founded in 2012 by Eyüp Ali Karakas in Tesvikiye and opened its first store in Istanbul the same year and gained a rapidly growing fan base.It draws attention with its luxury women's shoes that reflect strong and impressive women with its unique style. Founded in 2012 by Eyüp Ali Karakaş in Teşvikiye, Jabotter opened its first store in Istanbul the same year and gained a rapidly growing fan base. It also offers quality products to fashion lovers with its online platform jabotter.com. Jabotter has been serving in Tesvikiye Street and aims to provide the highest level of quality and service to its customers since 2012. Embracing the comfort of high heels, Jabotter has a passionate customer base with the shoes it designs and produces with its feminine aesthetic. Jabotter stands out in the sector with its rich history in shoe production and original design approach. The Founder and Co-Founders, Eyüp Ali Karakaş and Deniz Karakaş, are moving forward with the vision of making their brand a global luxury brand. Jabotter is a brand that aims to gain a solid place in the fashion world with its understanding of quality and innovation. With its unique approach and wide range of products, Jabotter has become a favorite among shoe enthusiasts.. As Jabotter, we aim to support women who exhibit a confident stance at every step by emphasizing the power and elegance of women in each of our designs. Aiming to leave lasting traces in the fashion world, Jabotter will continue to inspire fashion lovers with innovative and striking designs.

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